Capri Fashion

The digital presence of Capri Fashion

RED Marketing, founded by Daniel Calbacho in 2003, manages the digital presence of Capri Fashion – your premier source for wholesale fashion accessories in the UK. With a dynamic footprint spanning both London and South Africa, RED Marketing is a trailblazer in digital marketing innovation, dedicated to elevating Capri Fashion’s profile within the competitive realm of fashion accessories.

Marketing and branding services:

Our strategic approach ensures the effective communication of Capri Fashion’s professional message, creating a meaningful connection with the target audience. Through meticulous branding efforts, we aim to enhance Capri Fashion’s standing within the wholesale fashion accessories community in the UK.

Social media marketing:

Harnessing precision-driven social media strategies, we cultivate engagement, build loyalty and inspire advocacy for Capri Fashion. This positions the brand at the forefront of online conversations within the fashion industry, ensuring the spotlight on high-quality, affordable accessories that elevate collections.

Creative services and content curation:

RED Marketing specialises in establishing Capri Fashion’s unique brand voice through creative content and meticulous curation. This comprehensive service includes monthly content strategies, photo shoots, copywriting and scheduling, ensuring authenticity and resonance in every online interaction.

Website development:

Beyond traditional website creation, we’ve crafted a digital home for Capri Fashion, offering a seamless and user-friendly online experience for visitors. Our commitment extends to regular updates, dynamic content refreshes and the integration of cutting-edge features to ensure the brand’s digital presence remains current and relevant.

Digital marketing and paid advertising:

RED Marketing maximises Capri Fashion’s visibility across diverse digital platforms through targeted digital marketing and effective advertising strategies. This ensures that high-quality, affordable fashion accessories reach the right audience, establishing Capri Fashion as a prominent player in the wholesale fashion industry in the UK.

With a proven track record in collaborating with fashion industry leaders, RED Marketing understands the unique dynamics of promoting wholesale fashion accessories. Capri Fashion’s online presence is a testament to our expertise in elevating the marketing profile of specialised brands, ensuring tailored strategies that drive success and community engagement.

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