Bespoke Eyewear and Accessories 

Capri Fashion have been designing, supplying and manufacturing some of fashion’s leading brands with high-quality, yet affordable, eyewear since 2017. Our vision began when the need for innovation in the eyewear industry met the passion for bringing clients affordable yet quality products.

We’re a small business with strong foundations. Our close-knit team are all experienced professionals from within the eyewear and manufacturing industry. We have brought that expertise and passion to create a name in which brands can trust and rely. In 2019 alone, we sold over one million units!

Capri Fashion is committed to providing a reliable and efficient service to meet the needs of all our clients. Our dedicated team of designers are constantly working hard to bring new, innovative and creative designs to the market that will shape the narrative of the fashion industry. 

We oversee the whole process from initial concept, design and development, through to manufacturing, and we also offer the opportunity to buy stock from our Manchester-based warehouse. Whether you are UK-based or international, we have the facilities to cater to all of your needs.

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Use.Space, 31 Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6PN